Our Mission

To expedite the deployment of clean technologies
across the world

Our Vision

To create a valuable global ecosystem of stakeholders fighting climate change by establishing global connections for a sustainable future.


At Clobe Connect, we believe climate change is the biggest challenge of this century and what we as the human race will do in the next decade will determine the future of our next generations and prevent an irreversible environmental damage. Technology innovations across the world give us hope and show us how we can fix things. We need to deploy the tools we already have in ways that are faster and smarter.
Clobe Connect is a Canada based company connecting clean technology providers with businesses looking to reduce carbon footprint through our CLOBE PLATFORM, which is the first web-based aggregator that brings together clean technology companies and businesses across the world.


Governments across the world are putting a price on carbon to combat climate change. Forty-five countries have already implemented carbon pricing policies, and the others are planning to follow suit. Increasing carbon pricing regulations like carbon tax or emission trading systems are putting pressure on businesses’ operating costs and competitiveness.
The good news is that innovative proven clean technology solutions exist across the world, and cleantech providers are looking to connect with businesses that need these technologies to reduce their carbon footprint.
Many breakthrough technologies to fight climate change are not getting deployed at the required rate and struggle to find customers. At the same time, businesses spend a lot of time finding the right partner to help reduce their carbon footprint. Search cost is very high for both parties, and the process is ineffective.
Clobe Connect solves this issue by connecting businesses and cleantech providers across the world in one place. If you are a business and looking for the right technology provider for your climate/clean/green technology needs.

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If you are a clean technology provider and are looking to showcase your company to the world and access the relevant business requirements posted on our platform.

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Manisha Malik

founder, clobe connect

Meet Our Founder

Manisha is a seasoned energy industry professional highly skilled in leading corporate strategy, developing new businesses, and establishing strategic partnerships. She brings in rich international experience from working in three continents leading country business units with organizations like Shell and Essar Energy.

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